Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music on debut “Baby Bird”

God, that’s extraordinary! It’s got something really special, crackling with energy and life.

Inventive London folk-punk-pop-rock band Hunt Us is Gemma Kirk (vocals/keys), Nicky Kirk (guitar), Richard Nicholls (bass) and Tim Greany (drums).

Releasing three singles from debut EP “The Ancient Escape“ during 2018/2019, Hunt Us worked with long time friend and producer John Hannon (Understand, Liberez), to create a debut record spanning the band’s many sounds.

Musical influences are broad and include Lungfish, PJ Harvey, Steve Reich, Joni Mitchell, Godspeed You Black Emperor and Enablers.

Four new singles will be released from September 2019.



Tim Greany

Nicky Kirk

Richard Nicholls

Gemma Kirk
Keyboard / Vocals